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Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Photographic Exhibition Marking the 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution


Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Photographic Exhibition

Marking the 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution

By Madame Chen Jie, Vice Consul General of the Chines Consulate General in Manchester

26 October 2011, Liverpool Town Hall

Lord Mayor Councillor Frank Prendergust,

Distinguished guests,

Chinese Community Leaders,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

        First, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy to UK and the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester, let me extend my warm welcome to all of you for attending this photographic exhibition opening event which marks the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution.

        On 30 September 1896, the great Chinese revolutionary forerunner Dr Sun Yet-sen stepped on the soil of Liverpool for the first time for his revolutionary activities, which was aimed at sparing China from foreign conquest and domestic decay. 15 years latter, in 1911, a revolution he led broke out in China, overthrew the corrupt Qing dynasty, put an end to more than 2000 years of feudal system and opened the door of democracy for China. All these were milestone achievements in the 5000 years of the Chinese history.

        After the 1911 Revolution, Although China still suffered from decades of warlordism, foreign invasion, and civil wars, the democratization has never been reversed. 10 years after the 1911 Revolution, the Communist Party was founded, which faithfully continued the unfinished revolutionary course opened by the 1911 Revolution, and led the Chinese people to achieve the ultimate success in 1949 by founding the People's Republic of China. Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, while enjoying greater economic prosperity, the Chinese people nowadays also basks in unprecedented democracy.

       Today, China is peaceful, prosperous, democratic, and leaping forward to grander achievements. But 100 years ago, China was chaotic, destitute, feudal, and on the brink of collapsing. In retrospect, today's Chinese are obliged to the 1911 Revolution. Every year, the Chinese communities all around the world hold special activities to pay tribute to its unforgettable sacrifices and great achievements. As this year marks the centenary anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, there are more commemorating activities in China and many other places around the world, including today' s photographic exhibition, the second leg of the 3 exhibitions in the UK. From the vivid photos in this room, you may get a primary impression of why the 1911 Revolution means so much to the Chinese people and how it left a lasting mark on China.

       We are quite happy to have the exhibition in Liverpool. When our Consulate General discuss the place to hold the exhibition, Liverpool is our first choice, as it was the first English city Dr sun, the leader of the 1911 Revolution, embarked on, We believe the exhibition is more meaningful for all of us as China-UK relations have maintained sound momentum of development. Our two countries have established the comprehensive strategic partnership and sound dialogue and exchange mechanisms, and have formed the pattern of all-round cooperation.

       Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all the parties involved in this exhibition. And my special thanks should go to Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Vision. You have provided special and generous support, which rendered this exhibition from a Chinese unilateral effort to a China-UK joint project.

       Thank you!

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